The Green Buildings Tool: An essential asset for property owners and financial institutions

Discover the Green Buildings Tool: the all-encompassing solution for sustainable and responsible investing. This unique tool combines advanced functionalities with user-friendliness, enabling property owners, managers, and financial institutions to efficiently achieve their sustainability goals. Learn about Green Buildings Tool applications and how this tool plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable development and supporting smart investment decisions.

Compliance with regulations and sustainability reporting

The Green Buildings Tool significantly simplifies compliance with regulations, such as the Energy Savings Obligation and the preparation of ESG reports. Users can effortlessly extract the necessary data from the tool and generate a comprehensive report that meets all requirements. Annual updates can be easily added, making the process even more efficient. This not only saves time but also ensures full compliance with Dutch and European laws and regulations.

Monitoring energy consumption and identifying savings opportunities 

With the Green Buildings Tool, property owners and managers gain insights into current energy and CO2 consumption, as well as potential savings opportunities. The roadmap module allows users to create and schedule plans for future improvements, resulting in a Sustainable Multi-Year Maintenance Plan (DMJOP). By adding and updating measures, sustainability performance across multiple buildings can be managed and improved. Additionally, the tool provides advanced portfolio-level analyses, enabling the swift identification of priority measures.

Importance for banks and financial institutions

For banks and financial institutions, the Green Buildings Tool is an invaluable source of crucial data, enabling informed decision-making and effective risk management.

With more than 100 data fields per property, including CO2 insights, climate risks, energy labels, accessibility, and certifications, the tool offers extensive information. By simply entering the postcode and house number, banks can use this data for reporting to the ECB and De Nederlandsche Bank, as well as for internal reporting.

Moreover, the Green Buildings Tool’s reporting meets the requirements of PCAF. The focus is not only on energy labels and CO2, but also on key aspects such as climate risks. Banks and financiers can also use the data from the tool to support green bonds and make investments that contribute to a more sustainable future.

The Green Buildings Tool also supports the sustainability section for valuers (DuPa 2.0), making it a versatile instrument that aids financial institutions in making strategic decisions regarding sustainability and risk management. These Green Buildings Tool applications demonstrate its potential to transform sustainability efforts in the financial sector.

Future-oriented functionality and scalability

The Green Buildings Tool not only addresses current needs but also looks to the future. With functionalities such as energy label scenarios, a Carbon Score, and CRREM analyses, the tool remains relevant in a rapidly changing landscape of sustainability legislation and practices. Additionally, the tool offers a relationship management portal, making internal reporting easy to share.

Looking ahead, the aim is to offer a fully digital building where all relevant information about a building is available in one central location. This allows users to make optimal use of their data. Jarno Schimmelpennink, Lead Product Development at CFP, envisions the future as follows: “Imagine a tool that not only collects all your building data in one place but also helps you outline business strategies. Energy companies no longer need to waste energy advertising in areas already served by a district heating network. And what a time saver for installers: they no longer need to visit each building, as all the information they need is already in the tool.” With the Green Buildings Tool, you are not only ready for the future but also make efficient use of your data.

Getting started with the Green Buildings Tool 

The Green Buildings Tool offers comprehensive applications for organisations and financial institutions striving for a sustainable future. By combining advanced functionalities with ease of use, the tool helps you achieve your sustainability goals, comply with laws and regulations, and manage risks effectively. Would you like to get started with the Green Buildings Tool or are you curious about what the tool can do for you and your organisation? Request a demo without obligation.

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