Video: Making a real estate portfolio sustainable in one go with BREEAM

BREEAM-NL In-Use is a handy tool that can give you insight into the sustainability performance of the entire real estate portfolio in one step. For the National BREEAM Congress 2022, DGBC made a video in which a.s.r. real estate explains how they applied the portfolio approach.

130-year-old shop space

Edwin van de Woestijne, Managing Director of Commercial Real Estate at a.s.r. real estate talks about how a.s.r. real estate approached the Passage, a historic covered shopping area in the centre of The Hague. The building is 130 years old and a registered building, and it is now clear how a.s.r. intends to make it sustainable with BREEAM-NL In-Use. The video contains valuable tips on how to make your own real estate portfolio more sustainable.

BREEAM Scan for 158 buildings and 15 shopping centres

The property owner called in CFP Green Buildings to complete the BREEAM-NL process. Sander van den Berg is a BREEAM-NL Expert and Assessor at CFP, and explained the sustainability performance of 158 buildings and 15 shopping centres for a.s.r. real estate. “To achieve this, we applied an efficient working method in which we made extensive use of standard analyses and accounts,” explains Sander.

Paris Proof by 2045

This shows how with BREEAM-NL you can not only certify a building or project, but also an entire portfolio. And that’s exactly what a.s.r real estate has now done with its retail portfolio. A good starting point for further sustainability, as the company wants its entire portfolio to be Paris Proof by 2045.

Do you also have a real estate portfolio that you want to start making more sustainable with BREEAM? Get in contact with one of our consultants.

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