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Developments and innovations in the field of sustainability just keep coming along faster and faster. That’s why we’ve created an extensive knowledge base, so you know exactly where to go to get up to speed on the latest.

CFP Green Buildings main sponsor of the 2025 J/80 Sailing World Championship in Nieuwpoort

We are proud to announce that CFP Green Buildings will be the main…

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Eduard van Zuijlen and Marit Bouwmeester kick off the Green Buildings Regatta 2024

Every year, a special person is chosen to kick off the Green Buildings…

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Building a sustainable future: How The Salvation Army utilises the Green Buildings Tool

In this article, we explore how The Salvation Army, a global charity with…

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HSBC UK launches new tool with CFP Green Buildings to help clients improve their energy performance

HSBC UK has launched a free interactive digital tool to help property portfolio…

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A guide to science-based targets and their impact on the building industry 

Once climate action is integrated into companies’ strategic planning, the next step is…

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Sustainable financing with green bonds: the story of NN Bank and CFP Green Buildings

How are green bonds, sustainable homes, and CO2 reduction connected? Sander Roling, Funding…

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ONK sailing in J/80 class: A perfect warm-up for the world championship

CFP Green Buildings is the proud sponsor of the Open Dutch Championship (ONK)…

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Save the date: CFP Innovation Day on 7 November

Mark your calendar for the afternoon of Thursday, 7 November 2024, because it’s…

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Recap of our webinar – Beyond profit: Aligning banking and real estate with sustainability

On June 6th, CFP hosted a webinar diving into the worldwide best sustainability…

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