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BREEAM provides an objective measurement for the sustainability of your buildings. With a BREEAM label, you belong to a select group of buildings that meet the international sustainability standard.


The BREEAM scan measures the sustainability of real estate on no fewer than 9 individual categories, to identify all the most critical points. The certification serves as a guide to sustainability and provides an objective measurement of concepts such as health and circularity. BREEAM also offers a way to create transparency. With this independent assessment, you will immediately benefit from an increase in the value of your property and have a starting plan for increasing sustainability in the future. Our consultants know exactly what improvements you can make to achieve a higher BREEAM score – and they know that sometimes, small things can produce big results!

The advantages
External recognition of sustainability
Internationally recognised quality label
Value increase for your buildings
Handbook for further steps forward in sustainability

We work together with


In the BREEAM scan we take a baseline measurement and then look at the potential of your buildings. We investigate the opportunities for increasing sustainability and the financial benefits of potential measures. Our consultants translate the sustainability measures into a clear business case. BREEAM gives you the tools and information you need to keep going green.

The scan looks at a number of characteristics and rates the sustainability performance of the building with a score of 1 to 5 stars. Our quickscan gives you a quick answer to the question of whether your real estate will be able to qualify for BREEAM certification. 

BREEAM certification

BREEAM certification can be obtained in three areas: in-use, building, and new construction & renovation. The more sustainability criteria that you meet in a project, the higher the score. Before qualifying for the BREEAM label, you need to produce evidence for each of the required categories. Evidence can be construction drawings & floor plans, inspection reports, public transport data and photos of building systems, the building itself and the use of the building: the things that show that you meet the relevant criteria and sub-criteria within a category. We help you to collect the evidence and take the administrative burden off your shoulders. It’s the worry-free way to obtain a BREEAM certificate for your buildings.

Optimal use of BREEAM

No matter what industry you are in, BREEAM certification is suitable for your building project. A look at our partners shows that anyone can become sustainable, regardless of size or location.

To name just a few examples: we helped ASR’s retail fund with the BREEAM scan, we gave the Van Gogh Museum insight into energy-saving opportunities and we helped Merin to improve their energy labels. In short: we help you to go green, just the way you want to. 

Alles over de BREEAM betekenis

Getting started with circularity on your own

Curious about what BREEAM can mean for you? Our consultants and our online tools are here to help with whatever you need.

Be inspired by the many sustainable buildings that CFP has helped achieve BREEAM certification.

Frequently asked questions about BREEAM

What is BREEAM?

The abbreviation BREEAM stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. It is a widely used method worldwide to assess the sustainability of construction projects. A BREEAM certificate not only provides you with an objective assessment of sustainability, but also valuable insights into the possibilities for sustainability.

How do you get a BREEAM certificate?

Before you start working on obtaining a BREEAM certificate, it is important to have a clear goal in mind. The BREEAM scan, for example, gives you the opportunity to gain insight into sustainability measures, and the BREEAM certification shows that your building meets an internationally recognised sustainability standard.

What is BREEAM building?

Building according to the BREEAM method means that sustainable building methods are taken into account during design and construction. The method can not only help measure the sustainability in buildings, but also provide insight into the areas for improvement.

Why a BREEAM certificate?

A BREEAM certificate shows that a building or home has been built with the future in mind. There are a number of possible bream ratings: pass, good, very good, excellent and outstanding. More and more buildings in the Netherlands are aiming high and achieving the top ratings like the BREEAM Excellent certificate.

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