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Achieve direct cost savings, greener real estate and a positive social impact thanks to maximum energy savings. We help you with EPCs, energy assessment scans, monitoring and management.

Energy efficiency

Do you want to save energy, but find the topic daunting? Then it’s time to get a better understanding of your energy consumption for tailored energy efficiency enhancements. Energy assessment scans and monitoring systems provide a better picture of where you have the potential to conserve.

With our energy assessment tool we show you exactly which innovative sustainability options you can implement in your building. We immediately calculate the annual savings for you. We can also help you with your information obligation. With smart energy efficiency management, you can save up to 20% in energy consumption annually. That’s what we call smart investment in the future.

The advantages
Insight into your consumption
Savings of 5 to 20% in energy costs annually
Get more value out of your property
Benefit from our consultants’ many years of experience

We work together with

Better EPCs for your buildings

In more and more countries, all buildings must have an EPC of C or better in the near future. CFP is the ideal partner to help you meet this obligation. With our assessment tools, you discover the energy performance of the buildings in your portfolio. We look deeper than just the inside and outside of the building; we also take into account the behaviour of users. Hereby, you can see at a glance how you can easily achieve the desired EPC for your buildings. With the EPA-U method, we certify the building directly and show you the benefits that you can achieve.

Energy assessment

But why stop at EPC C? A better EPC for real estate ensures lower costs and a smaller environmental footprint. With our energy assessment, our consultants will show you how to go the extra mile to create future-proof buildings that also bring financial benefits. In addition to a lower energy bill, a better EPC also increases your portfolio’s value.

Energy Assessment

Energy scans for more insight

Do you have a large real estate portfolio? If so, you also have a lot of opportunities. While old buildings without an EPC have a high risk of losing value, modern energy-friendly buildings can increase the value of your assets. By identifying where the risks and opportunities lie, we show you exactly how to get more out of your real estate. A thorough analysis from our shows which measures are possible. 

During the energy scan, our technical experts put the building’s entire energy consumption under a microscope. Our energy assessment looks at all the sustainability options and presents them in a report and a business case. So you can see what measures are the most effective and immediately produce the savings you need to achieve your goal. Our recommendations take into account the investment required, the payback period and the timeline. In short, we give you everything you need to get started right away.

Investing in sustainable real estate with green bonds

By offering green bonds, the government is pursuing sustainable ambitions. Thanks to the increasing demand for these green bonds, you, as a property owner, can take advantage of them. We help you with the preliminary work required to issue a green bond. Our consultants analyse your portfolio using the Green Buildings Tool and check which properties meet the criteria for green bonds. Up to now, we helped issue more than 100 billion euros in green bonds for sustainable real estate. Major players such as NN, ING and Argenta have already seen the benefits – now isn’t it your turn?

Energy monitoring

Maybe you’ve already invested in energy-saving measures, but you still don’t feel like your monthly energy bill is where it should be. With the help of an energy monitoring system, we show you how you can further reduce your energy consumption.

We monitor energy consumption over time with energy meters. In addition, we look at energy profiles with irregularities. This way, you can intervene immediately in case of outliers. We do the monitoring, and you save on your energy bill. With our recommendations, we have already helped hundreds of customers save between 5 and 20% on their energy bills every year.

Frequently asked questions about energy

What is energy monitoring?

An energy monitoring system is looking at energy consumption over a period of time. With the help of detailed data analyses, we make your consumption transparent, so you can see the concrete places to start for energy efficiency and savings.

How does an energy scan work?

An energy scan looks at the energy consumption of a building or house. The scan shows exactly where energy can be saved and what the possibilities are for tailored energy efficiency enhancements. With the right recommendations, you can get started on improving your sustainability right away!

How do you make a building sustainable?

A good starting point for making buildings more sustainable is to look at the current EPC of the buildings. This will allow you to make a good baseline measurement that will serve as a starting point. An energy assessment scan can then show where the greatest sustainability potential lies, so that you can start with the measures that will have the greatest impact.

What does an energy consultant do?

An energy advisor can be hired to advise on your energy consumption and management. For example, the energy advisor may recommend using an energy monitoring system, which allows the energy consumption to be analysed. It’s the efficient way to get to a better EPC for your real estate.

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