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The advantages of the Green Buildings Tool

Make the sustainability of buildings and homes simple and clear with the help of our handy assessment tool. With our automated consultant, you have all the information about the buildings in your portfolio in one place.

The roadmap to Paris Proof and Net Zero

Use the roadmap to make the financial and logistical aspects of your sustainability project clear. In the roadmap, you can see at a glance how a business case relates to time by placing the financial planning alongside the technical planning.

You can plan the individual measures for each building in your portfolio separately. This way you can immediately see the expected CO2 savings, EPCs achieved and the corresponding investments in your sustainable buildings at any point in time.

Roadmap in de Green Buildings Tool

Quick reports

The Green Buildings Tool makes it easy for you to generate a customised report on everything from an individual building to a complete portfolio. Focus on the financial savings achieved or investigate the possibilities for improving the energy labels of your buildings.

Our real estate reporting shows you in detail what your business case is. You will find the complete picture with specifications, measures and corresponding revenues. The reports provide a clear way of calculating and sharing your investments and payback periods. A report in the Green Buildings Tool is the starting point of any sustainability project.

Help with your information obligation

Do you have questions about your obligations concerning green buildings in your portfolio? The Green Buildings Tool tells you whether your properties fall under the information obligation. Then, it makes reporting on your energy-saving measures as easy as can be.

All implementations in each building are clearly mapped out. This is how we help you meet and exceed your information obligations. You will also discover what future conservation measures you can take on your way to an energy-neutral building! An additional advantage: you will find yourself creating your reports 75% faster.

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Green Buildings Tool

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International sustainability

The Green Buildings Tool works in 70 countries, with major implementations in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium and Australia. Ten countries in Europe, the USA, Canada and several countries in Asia will be rolled out in the near future. So even large multinationals can easily use the Green Buildings Tool for analysing and reporting at scale.

The dynamic displays in the area of sustainability, energy consumption and circularity facilitate making informed choices easier than ever before. Now, you can see exactly how much investment you need to make to reach Net Zero.

Internationale groene gebouwen

Green Bonds

The Green Buildings Tool software is capable of automatically running through real estate portfolios and testing them against the Green Bond criteria. This means you can use it to analyse large portfolios all at once. So you can immediately see which real estate is suitable for issuing green bonds. With the help of our smart tool, we have already helped to issue more than 100 billion euros in green bonds for major companies.

Baseline measurements

Portfolios containing many large buildings have both sustainable risks and sustainable opportunities. Our tool scans portfolios of up to 500,000 assets. In this way, we can show you exactly where investments have the greatest impact and where the potential savings are the greatest. The energy scan can be carried out per sector, building or desired cross-section. Where will you start?

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Energieneutraal gebouw

Sport NL Green

Curious about the sustainability potential of your sports club? In cooperation with NOC*NSF, we contribute to bringing green buildings to the sports sector. As a sports entrepreneur, you can start by coming to us for free advice on measures you can take. It’s part of how we are helping to make and keep sports clubs future-proof by making them sustainable.

By eliminating complexity and reducing costs, we are contributing to more healthy buildings for the whole of the Netherlands’ sporting population. Don’t wait; find out about all the possibilities for your sports club right away.

At a glance

Green Buildings Tool Basic Premium Full

Energy labels, business case and CO2 of portfolio, buildings and homes

EPC, energy label wizard

Sustainability plan per building

Roadmap to Paris Proof and Net Zero

Green bond analysis and support, baseline measurements

Frequently asked questions

What are Green Buildings?

Green buildings are buildings that take the environment into account. They are built using construction techniques that minimise energy, waste and water consumption. But there are things you can do to make existing buildings into green buildings, too. Green buildings can be found all over: from schools and homes to sports clubs and offices.

What are the advantages of green buildings?

Green buildings offer many advantages. They use the latest techniques to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. That means users benefit from lower energy bills and a better living environment. For investors and property managers, green buildings bring higher returns.

How do you make buildings sustainable and green?

A green building starts at the design stage. For example, the use of sustainable building materials, green energy and a good fit with the environment in which the building is located must be considered. Existing buildings can be made more sustainable by using the right insulation materials and additional energy-saving measures.

What is the Green Buildings Tool?

The Green Buildings Tool (GBT) is a digital energy consulting solution designed to evaluate the energy efficiency of real estate properties. Users can utilize this tool to assess the energy performance of buildings, retrieving current Energy Performance scores or certificates (either actual or proxy, depending on data availability). Additionally, the GBT calculates carbon emissions and offers customized suggestions for energy efficiency enhancements at the building level. The tool therewith also provides useful information for CSRD compliance and other legal obligations.

Whether evaluating individual buildings or entire portfolios at scale, this real estate reporting tool provides tailored recommendations to promote greener, more sustainable practices.

What kind of management information does the Green Buildings Tool offer?

The tool offers valuable insights to enhance the energy efficiency of your portfolio. It provides sustainable business cases for individual properties as well as at the portfolio level. By evaluating factors such as investment, energy savings, carbon emission reduction, and enhancements in local energy ratings, it enables comprehensive strategic decision-making. Moreover, the tool generates compelling business cases that can assist management in making informed decisions regarding investment and loan portfolios.

Can the Tool be offered as a full white label solution?

The fully licenced Tool is a white-labelled platform with flexibility for customisation, which offers two types of customisation: a comprehensive version and a lite version. In the comprehensive version, clients can personalise text, fonts, colours, images, logos and dedicated landing pages unless otherwise specified in the proposal. For a simpler customisation approach, the lite version allows clients to change the primary and secondary colours and incorporate their logo. This usually goes hand in hand with shared hosting instead of dedicated hosting for environments with comprehensive customisation. Additional customisation possibilities can be explored upon client request, considering the necessary resources and budget.

We offer a high level of customization, allowing full branding and customization of the frontend styling of the tool. Collaboration with marketing and branding teams ensures the styling is accurately implemented, and adjustments to the customization can be made as needed throughout the tool’s usage.

What insights does the Green Buildings Tool provide, and how can clients utilize this information?

The Green Building Assessment Tool provides rapid insights and tailored recommendations for a client’s retrofitting business case. While the case for retrofitting is unique to each client, these insights serve as valuable guidelines. Clients can utilize this information to discern their business case and establish a roadmap for their ESG strategy, whether it involves energy efficiency, carbon emission reduction towards achieving net-zero goals, or ensuring compliance with government regulations.

What technical expertise is required to operate the Green Buildings Tool?

The Green Buildings Tool is crafted to be user-friendly and intuitive, eliminating the need for extensive technical knowledge. You can effectively work with it without any specialized technical background. If you encounter challenges or have inquiries, your Relationship Manager (if applicable) is on hand to offer assistance and support, ensuring a seamless experience. Also, please reach out to our Customer Support Team who will be pleased to guide you in the right direction:

What data sources does the tool utilize?

The tool accesses publicly available data from local or national governments, climate databases, and benchmarks. It can also integrate data through APIs or be manually updated through periodic data extraction and upload processes.

Regarding electricity, gas, and heating information, the tool relies on historical records for pricing and a standard energy consumption per building category. These data points are regularly adjusted to reflect changes in average prices, consumption efficiencies, and seasonal variations.

For the suggested energy-efficiency measures, the data draws from our 15-year consulting experience as well as the technical specifications of devices or technologies certified by relevant authorities. This information includes average prices for purchase and installation in every market where we operate.

How does CFP handle cybersecurity and data privacy?

CFP maintains the highest standards in information security. The company is certified under the ISO 27001 standard, ensuring stringent measures for information security at both the network/infrastructure level and user level across the entire organization.

How does the tool differentiate itself from competitors?

While several companies provide ESG data insights for real estate portfolios, the GBT stands out for its personalized approach. We offer customized business cases for both your entire portfolio and individual buildings. Additionally, our real estate reporting tool allows you to update data in later stages, a feature not available on many other platforms. What sets us apart is our simplicity: with just 4 data inputs, the Tool provides actionable, accurate and scalable sustainability insights applicable worldwide.

How many buildings can I input into the Green Buildings Tool?

The number of buildings or assets you can input depends on the type of license you have acquired. If you need to upload large portfolios consisting of thousands or even millions of assets, CFP’s support team can assist you through batch file uploads. This streamlined process reduces your workload and enhances overall efficiency.

Is the Green Buildings Tool suitable for residential properties?

Certainly, the Green Buildings Tool is designed to cater to residential properties. It supports various property types, including Community, Conference, and Restaurant, Education, Healthcare, House, Industry, Lodging (hotel), Office, Parking, Retail, Sport, Storage and Distribution, and Tower Block.

Does the tool have the capability to link to banks’ financial products and services?

Yes, this is possible will the full End-to-End licence. Our end-to-end platform is capable of linking the outcomes of the tool to the bank’s products and services where required through APIs and SSO.

In which countries is the Green Buildings Tool available?

The Tool is accessible globally, allowing users worldwide to utilize its features. Currently, the Tool’s algorithms are operational in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Australia, Sinapore and more. In these countries algorithms are connected to public and private data. The tool integrates information from the EPC register, NABERS, Green Star and plans are in progress for expansion to various countries in Europe, APAC, and North America. In to-be-launched countries, cost levels, carbon emission data, energy benchmarks are the first to be implemented. Then, specific standards per country, legislation and subsidies are a next phase.

Can the Green Buildings Tool be used in conjunction with other accreditation schemes like BREEAM and WELL?

Yes, the Green Building Assessment Tool serves as a powerful guide for enhancing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions at both portfolio and building levels. It offers valuable insights into areas where improvements can be made, which might align with credits for BREEAM and/or WELL certification. It’s important to note, however, that the Tool doesn’t replace BREEAM or WELL certifications. These certifications involve on-site assessments and consider additional factors such as health, wealth, transport, and waste. The Assessment Tool, on the other hand, provides automated, actionable, and scalable insights specifically focused on energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

Are there any video’s that demonstrate the capabilities of the Tool?

Absolutely! Here is a video about the Green Buildings Tool:

There are also videos available, created by two of our existing clients:

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