About CFP Green Buildings

Our mission: Making all buildings and homes more sustainable. With the help of online tools and the insights of our consultants, we turn everyone into a sustainability manager. With the right insights, everyone can start working on sustainability!

CFP’s mission

Making all buildings and homes more sustainable: this is our mission! But how do we do that? CFP started as a consultancy, and has translated the successful experience with more than 400,000 buildings into online tools for everyone. This enables anyone to make buildings more sustainable with their own suppliers, contractors and bank. As a result, the entire construction sector is now able to become more sustainable itself. CFP Green Buildings has grown from a scale of greening 3,000 buildings per year to over 3.5 million buildings per year in a growing number of countries.

Our impact

From the Van Gogh Museum and various municipalities to Lloyds Bank and the World Port Center, we are changing the supply chain. We make sustainability transparent and accessible. This has advantages for every stakeholder. For the bank, it means being able to issue more green bonds and get a lower risk profile, more satisfied customers and CO2 reductions in its annual reports. Building owners get lower energy costs, a high-quality, sustainable and healthy building, and reduced CO2 emissions. Tenants get lower service costs, energy costs and CO2 emissions and a healthier living environment. The suppliers and contractors get more orders, better quality buildings and higher quality work. Manufacturers get more influence on the market, more room to innovate, more impact, and of course reduced CO2 emissions.

Accelerating sustainability

CFP is active within various organisations with efforts to accelerate the shift towards more sustainability. Managing director Bram Adema is on the supervisory board of MVO Nederland, the advisory board of Saxion University of Aplied Science for the master’s degree in Real Estate, and is a board member of the Dutch Green Building Council. We also work with Duurzaam Gebouwd and Facility Management Netherlands and are always looking for new discoveries and developments. CFP’s activities have earned it a nomination for the King Willem I Award for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in 2022.


Part of the global B Corp community

CFP Green Buildings has received official recognition as a B Corporation (B Corp), a prestigious title that distinguishes our company as a leader in sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

To become a B Corp, you must meet rigorous standards in social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. It’s not just about achieving certification; the B Corp movement envisions an economy that benefits all people, communities, and the planet.

Expanding our horizons

You can find us in seven countries, and we continue to expand our horizons. We do this through things like scientific research, informative articles and events. Olivier, for example, leads a sailing tour in which he combines his hobby as a birdwatcher with the theme of biodiversity in the built environment. Every year, we organise the Green Buildings Event, a programme of various workshops, keynote talks and innovations. We also host CFP Innovation Days that give innovative companies an opportunity to pitch their innovations. Finally, we hold the annual Green Buildings Regatta, a sailing race in which we bring together various parties from the sector to let their creative energy flow.

The certificates of CFP Green Buildings

Green for each other

For us, sustainability is about more than just the right building methods and efficient use of energy. We want to contribute to a future built by and for happy, healthy and safe people. That is why we are not only actively engaged in making buildings more sustainable, but we are also working to improve health in buildings. In addition, we support projects that combat climate change. For example, we are taking part in the 2 Degrees North Pole Expedition, which is collecting important data on snow in the polar region. And our team members are also involved in sustainability projects in Nepal and Kenya.

Working at CFP?

Do you also want to contribute to a sustainable future? Come join the CFP team. Take a look at our vacancies!

The CFP Team

Bram Adema

Managing Director

Karin Eijkholt – Tiemens

Manager Backoffice

Claudia Maters

Office Manager

Talitha van den Berg

Office Manager

Maayke Huising

Office Manager

Marloeke van Bussel

Customer Care Support

Nanda Verschoor

Head of International Operations

Andres Barrera

Head of Sales

Bram Weggemans

Product Owner

Simon van Luik

Product Owner

Catherine Luyt

Product & Account Manager

Jhonattan Maldonado

Project Manager & Business Development

Joris Kok

Project and Account Manager

Theodor Azbej

Project and Account Manager

Liang Tan

Regional Director APAC

Danja Snoeijen

MarCom Manager

Claire den Hertog

Business Developer Sport NL Groen

Simone Tabor

Managing Partner

Marnix Balke

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

Ilmar Bouwer

Senior Consultant

Youp van der Zande

Senior Consultant

Yannick Heirbaut

Senior Consultant

Stan Thomas

Junior Consultant Duurzaamheid

Sander Gorissen


Pien ter Beek

Senior Consultant

Lian van Uem

Senior consultant

Inge Westerink


Milan Maintz


Joost van der Meijs


Puck Schoon


Faith Eschweiler


Jelke Aalders

Trainee ESG & Sustainability

Puck Poelmann


Katinka Buiting


Dennie Oosterbaan


Jarno Schimmelpennink

Lead Product Development

Sander van den Berg

Product Developer

Siebe Dekker

Product Developer

Pepijn de Jong

Software Engineer

Remko Seelig

Cloud Infra Specialist

Bart Vreeken

Software Engineer

Marco Voorbraak

Software Engineer

Nico de Jonghe

Software Engineer

Robin van den Berg

Software Engineer

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