Our mission: Making all buildings and homes more sustainable. With the help of online tools and the insights of our consultants, we turn everyone into a sustainability manager. With the right insights, everyone can start working on sustainability!

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Working at CFP

Our working environment is driven, collegial, result-oriented and informal. The people who work at CFP are innovative and want to help the world become more sustainable. And at CFP, you can see this in several ways. All of us work both independently as well as collaboratively, in self-managing teams. There is a lot of room for personal development and we are big fans of flexible working. And everyone loves our sustainable team outings. Want to join our team?

About CFP Green Buildings

For us, sustainability is about more than just the right building methods and efficient use of energy. We work with large organisations to make the built environment more sustainable. Of all the CO2 emissions worldwide, 40% can be linked to our buildings and how we use them. With our consultants and online tools, we are helping the entire real estate sector to make a real impact.

De Staart in Apeldoorn

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CFP Green Buildings
J.C. Wilslaan 29
7313 HK Apeldoorn
The Netherlands
+31 (0)55 355 5199

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CFP Green Buildings
Onderwal 16
1411 LV Naarden
The Netherlands
+31 (0)55 355 5199

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CFP Green Buildings Singapore
The Hive, High Street Center 1
North Bridge Road #08-08
Singapore 179094
+65 8893-2815

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