The WELL Building Standard

It’s the best yardstick for measuring how healthy your building is. Use WELL to create a healthy working environment and promote the well-being of building users.

WELL: building with well-being in mind

The indoor climate of a building has a major influence on the health of its users. WELL certification is an internationally recognised method for measuring the health of buildings. Based on 10 themes, you can see exactly where there is room for improvement and what measures you can implement. This not only increases the value of the property, but also provides the tools needed to communicate the healthy living environment in your buildings to stakeholders.

The advantages
Direct insight into the measures with the greatest impact
An objective label for the health of your building
Achieve higher productivity and lower absenteeism among employees
Increase the value of your property

We work together with

WELL Quickscan

Looking for immediate insight into concrete steps that can improve the health of a building? The WELL Quickscan shows you the possibilities in the field of light, air and material use as compared to a baseline measurement. The WELL energy scan also looks at additional aspects such as mental health and the design of workplaces. In short: with WELL, you discover how your building can contribute to productivity, behaviour and well-being.

Together with our consultants, you go through the WELL assessment. The report you receive afterwards tells you exactly where you are now and what changes you can make for healthy buildings for users. The result? A complete overview of the best measures for your project, budget and timeframe. Our consultants then guide you through the entire implementation process of the measures.

WELL Building Standard
WELL certification

WELL Certification

The WELL building standard offers you the opportunity to obtain an independent assessment with a WELL certification. With the certificate you can show investors, tenants and users of the building exactly what measures have been implemented. But before you can get the WELL standard certificate, you first need to collect the necessary documentation. Our consultants assess the health measures in the building and help prepare all the necessary evidence for each of the ten categories. This is how you can achieve the highest possible certification. When you demonstrably show you put more focus comfort and health of the user with the WELL certification, you can boost the value of your property a lot!

Apply WELL?

Curious about what can be achieved by meeting the requirements of the WELL building standard? Thanks to our many years of experience with WELL certified healthy buildings, CFP has a unique perspective on future-proof and healthy buildings. View the cases in our portfolio and be inspired by the possibilities you can pursue in the world of green buildings.

WELL certified healthy building

“The WELL Quickscan was specially developed by CFP Green Buildings and maps out the most important measures quickly and accurately.

– Sander van den Berg, Product Developer at CFP Green Buildings

Frequently asked questions about WELL

What is the WELL building standard?

The WELL building standard provides an internationally recognized way to measure and assess the impact of green buildings on people’s health. Based on 11 criteria, points for improvement for a healthy indoor climate are examined.

Why a WELL certification?

A WELL certification shows what the indoor climate of a building is like and what influence it has on the well-being of its users. A high score not only shows that the building contributes to a healthy living environment, but also increases its value.

How do you get a WELL certification?

To be eligible for a WELL certification, healthy buildings must meet various criteria that contribute to a healthy living environment. Before the WELL certification can be obtained, a burden of proof must be provided to demonstrate that the health measures have been implemented. CFP Green Buildings can help you with this proces.

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