CFP renews partnerships with UKGBC and GFI

Committed to greening UK’s real estate market, CFP has been involved in several strategic partnerships from the moment we set foot across the North Sea. We are happy to announce that we’ll be renewing our partnerships with both the Green Finance Institute and UKGBC. Together we can leverage our specific knowledge and networks into mutually beneficial actions supporting our joint mission of having a lasting sustainable impact.

Committed to UKGBC’s initiatives & leadership network

UKGBC unites the entire sector with a variety of activities supporting its 500+ (!) member organisations and its (future) leaders. We are excited to continue our active contribution to UKGBC‘s Leaders Network where the top of the industry gets inspired and aligns on the most important topics. Coming from a home market which due to progressive legislation has a headstart of about 5 years, CFP will share insights and innovations to catalyse the UK’s transformation to a more sustainable value chain.

By now, just about everyone has to be aware of the upcoming COP26. Leading up to and during the event, UKGBC will facilitate an innovative platform for our industry to meet and act. CFP will actively contribute to this platform and is looking forward to engaging with the industry to accelerate our pace towards a low-carbon economy. More on this to be announced soon!

Lastly, as part of our partnership, CFP will commit to and actively promote the UNFCC’s Race to Zero campaign and the Net Zero Carbon Buildings initiative by the WorldGBC. Both will be coordinated by the UKGBC for the UK market, empowering our industry to get to zero with 100% commitment.

Part of GFI’s CEEB and network

Real estate is a significant factor within the financial industry, therefore the Green Finance Insititute has always acknowledged the real estate sector as one of the key drivers when co-designing an inclusive, net-zero carbon, and resilient economy.

With the 2019 launch of the ‘Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings‘ (CEEB), GFI has underlined the role the built environment plays in its overarching mission. By joining CEEB, CFP will contribute by sharing its expertise around data, software and retrofitting with a profitable business case. Also for us, financial insights and sustainable actions go hand-in-hand.

In the coming year, our team will be part of various working groups in which we will team up with GFI and other members to innovate the systems we work in and lead the transition for all public and private actors.

Content, events & demos

In general, we are looking forward to inspiring and connecting with those in the driver seat of our industry. All organisations ambitious to make our built environment healthier and more sustainable could use scalable digital solutions and additional actionable data.

For that, we will publish knowledge, be present at events, and have availability to demo our software and services in collaboration with our partners.

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