Paris Proof Commitment: ‘Measuring actual energy use makes climate targets more feasible’

CFP Green Buildings has signed the Paris Proof Commitment of the Dutch Green Building Council. In it we ask the Dutch government to standardise buildings according to actual energy usage rather than EPCs. In this way, the Paris climate objectives can be achieved more quickly for the built environment. The Paris Proof Commitment was presented to Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission, during Dutch Green Building Week.

Commitment well received by Timmermans

The Paris Proof Commitment has been signed by dozens of organisations and was enthusiastically embraced by Timmermans. Especially as he thinks it fits in with his upcoming Renovation Wave. A plan to renovate buildings throughout Europe and make them more sustainable. “If you can help us improve the quality of plans on a European scale, and help other countries to move in the same direction, then this Renovation Wave can become a great success”, said the Vice-President of the European Commission.

Annemarie van Doorn, director of Dutch Green Building Council: “Frans Timmermans asks for good quality plans and the fact that he considers our plan to be a good example is a nice compliment. That is why we’re going to Brussels and we’re taking some of our supporters with us. In Brussels we are going to highlight the Commitment once more and show that measuring according to actual usage is the right thing to do.”

Accelerated sustainability

The Paris Proof Commitment focuses on measuring actual energy usage, because EPCs do not always provide a proper picture of how energy-efficient a building actually is. Progress is being made with the C label obligation, the Dutch Environmental Management Act and the Recognised Measures, but these have mainly a short-term focus. Paris Proof is the goal that spurs on the market in both the short and long term and therefore it fits in well with the obligation contained in the Climate Agreement to have roadmaps drawn up. Roadmaps are already a first step for a long-term approach, focusing on actual usage is a logical sequel.

*Photo’s: Dutch Green Building Council

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