Sun Tank wins Dragons’ Den at Green Buildings Event

With a powerful pitch, Sun Tank took the win during the Dragons’ Den at the Green Buildings Event. Roland Kreugel of Sun Tank received the award from jury chairman Roel van de Bilt of Rabobank. Chairman of the day Twan Huys and keynotes by Roubyem Anders, Lizzy Butink, Annemarie van Gaal, Mark van Baal and neuropsychologist Erik Scherder made the afternoon programme complete.

Curious about an impression of the day? Watch the aftermovie of the Green Buildings Event.

A pitched battle

From a blistering preliminary round of 18 pitches, Sun Tank, NatureConnect and emerged as the finalists. These squared off in the final battle on 6 October at the Dragons’ Den event in Amersfoort. Before a packed audience and professional jury Roel van de Bilt (Rabobank), Annemarie van Gaal (KRO’s Dragons’ Den) and Jouri Schoemaker (national pitch champion), the finalists battled it out until the victor was chosen: Sun Tank, winning with both a majority of the audience votes and the nod from the expert jury as the best and most innovative pitch.

Sun Tank takes energy storage to the next level

The first prize went to Sun Tank for its modular and constructible building element that can store both thermal and electrical energy. According to pitcher Roland Kreugel, Sun Tank can save between 82% and 100% on energy bills, as both thermal and electrical energy can be stored in buffer tanks positioned under the floor, in the wall or on the roof. preserves buildings with image recognition

In second place was In his pitch, Alex van der Leer explained how can automatically map all sustainability opportunities in the Netherlands by scanning buildings with image recognition technology. With the software, you can see exactly which buildings do not yet have solar panels, in which buildings extra insulation can easily be installed and where the safety of a building needs an upgrade. All without leaving your desk!

NatureConnect brings light from the outside in

The third prize went to NatureConnect. We take daylight for granted to such an extent that we often forget how important it is to us. In her pitch, Lisan Crommentuijn of NatureConnect showed how to bring the benefits of natural light indoors for comfortable, inspiring and more productive working environments.

With the input of the pitchers and renowned speakers, as well as in a number of workshops, the visitors to the Green Buildings Event got to work on ideas and innovations that build change. You can read more about the various keynotes here.

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