ABN AMRO invests in sustainability with CFP’s sustainable investment tool

CFP has a first with the development of the sustainable investment tool. The tool provides insight into measures, investments, payback times and EPCs. In addition, it will be possible to request quotes directly with a sustainability and savings guarantee. The tool promotes sustainability in ABN AMRO’s real estate projects.

EPC A in 2030

The ABN AMRO bank aims to improve the real estate that it finances so that it has on average an EPC A by 2030. The intermediate target is an EPC C by 2023.

CFP’s sustainable investment tool

To achieve it’s goals, ABN is using the Sustainable Investment Tool (SIT), which provides insight into measures, investments, savings, payback periods, and EPCs. Armed with this information, account managers will discuss solutions with their clients that can help improve the energy performance of buildings. SIT provides clients with insight into the sustainability of their portfolio, buildings and the measures to be taken, and it offers guidelines for requesting quotations with a sustainability and savings guarantee from leading parties and manufacturers.

Investing in sustainability with the smart tool

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