ASVZ: “Green Buildings Tool gives you the right insights to make progress fast”

Healthcare institution ASVZ has been working for some time on making both their services and their buildings more sustainable. And with 1,100 addresses, 600 electricity meters and 600 gas meters, that’s a challenge. The buildings differ enormously from one another, and with all the different types of buildings, the right knowledge and custom work are both indispensable. Wibaut Nouwens of ASVZ explains how CFP’s Green Buildings Tool helps.

Making plans using the Green Buildings Tool

ASVZ started implementing energy management in 2019 as part of a push to reduce energy consumption. After an extensive selection process, CFP Green Buildings was chosen as the supplier and administrator of the eSight EBS software. CFP’s Green Buildings Tool was the deciding factor for ASVZ. This software provides insight into the energy quality of a building and into the measures that are possible to make it more sustainable in a smart and efficient way. “The Green Buildings Tool helped us to get the right insights,” says Wibaut. “The tool maps out what we have done so far, where we should be and what actions we need to take in the future. And we can now use that to draw up a roadmap.”

With the help of the Green Buildings Tool, we were able to map out our CO2 reductions. By 2020, we will have cut our CO2 emissions by 28%.”

– Wibaut Nouwens, ASVZ

The most important insights after two years

After more than a year of working with energy management, ASVZ has gained many insights. “With eSight, we can see for each building the amount of gas and electricity purchased, the amount of electricity supplied back to the grid and the amount of electricity generated by solar panels,” Wibaut explains.

“The data generated is then loaded into CFP’s Green Buildings Tool. This gives us a good overview of the actual energy consumption per building. Now we have more insight into consumption, yields, energy use profiles and energy waste. It has also given ASVZ the information it needs for planning, controlling and demonstrating energy savings more quickly.”

An 8 out of 10 for the Green Buildings Tool

On a scale of 1 to 10, Wibaut Nouwens gives CFP’s Green Buildings Tool an 8. “With the help of the tool, we were able to get the information we needed in an accessible way,” he says. “The tool is very user-friendly, which made it easy for us to make progress on sustainability very quickly.”

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