Easily create your Roadmap to CO2-neutral in 2030 with the new Roadmap module

If you are responsible for making your real estate more sustainable, you have your work cut out for you in the coming years. How will you achieve your climate targets, and how will you get to your 2030 CO2 reductions? We’ve created a new module in our CSR Manager to help you: the Roadmap module.

How does the Green Buildings Tool work?

The Green Buildings Tool is already being used by many property owners to gain insight into the sustainability of their properties. The tool then provides insight into which measures can be taken and what impact these measures will have on your CO2 reductions and your energy label. And with the help of the Roadmap module, you can now easily schedule the desired measures over your time frame.

Easily create a roadmap to CO2-neutrality in 2030 with the Roadmap module

By planning the measures over time, you create a roadmap to CO2-neutrality in 2030. This roadmap shows you at a glance what investments are needed each year and when your sustainability goals will be achieved. Of course, the Roadmap module also takes all new developments, such as the NTA 8800, into account automatically. So you can be sure you are staying compliant with all legislation and regulations as time goes on.

Roadmap Green Buildings Tool (EN)

A Sustainable Multi-Year Maintenance Plan

By linking measures to your maintenance plan and the maintenance budget, you get an overview of the measures you can implement at natural replacement moments. This is how you create a Sustainable Multi-Year Maintenance Plan. By scheduling your sustainability measures to coincide with the moments of natural replacement and renovation, you make them as cost-effective as possible and keep your earn-back times short.

Are you curious about all the possibilities of the Green Buildings Tool or would you like to start using the new Roadmap module? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with appropriate advice tailored to your situation.

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