Introducing the Green Buildings Tool: the solution to make existing buildings sustainable

It is our mission to make each building in the world sustainable. We started chasing this goal in 2005 as a consultancy firm. However, soon we realised we would not be able to make the impact needed to make the building environment climate neutral by only employing consultants. So, we put our knowledge, experience and data, from decades of sustainability consultancy into a digital solution: the Green Buildings Tool.

The Green Buildings Tool: fast and easy

The Tool focuses on improving existing buildings by advising energy-saving measures. Based on our knowledge, public data & registers, and country-specific information, the online Tool will give that first insight into which investment decisions and strategies can be made to make your real estate sustainable.

The benefits of using the Green Buildings Tool are:

  • No intake or consultant needed
    There is no need for a consultant to visit a building. Limited data input is required to utilise the benefits of the Tool. Only a couple of basic building characteristics have to be provided, such as an address, asset class, and floor area.
  • It’s fast and easy 
    After entering this data, the Tool will give insight into the best energy efficiency measures for the building and will provide a complete business case. Filters are available to quickly narrow down your portfolio to get a prioritised list of properties for your retrofitting strategy based on financial and environmental investments and benefits.
  • Efficient time and money spending 
    Instead of hiring a consultant to visit your real estate assets, the Tool will give insights into all building sustainability statuses. Therefore, allowing for more efficient use of time and money when improving the entire portfolio.  

Who’s working with it?  

By making buildings more energy-efficient, property managers and building owners comply with legislation and make their assets future-proof while attracting tenants. With this, financial risks are reduced, and a bright future is ahead. Also, we see a trend worldwide in which investors put focus on sustainability through their network and impact of money. This generally starts by raising awareness and inspiring stakeholders through offering online sustainability tools. Expectations are that this will rise further in the following decades, with sustainability requirements to gain a loan or investments in real estate.   

Find out the most efficient way to make your real estate more sustainable  

Of course, software will not replace consultants. The two are and will continue to be complementary. There is more than enough work to do towards a net-zero carbon environment in 2050. Our digital solutions will provide initial insights and help make investment and strategic decisions.  

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Please leave your email here to get in touch with our business development team or read this blog from our consultant Rowan Benning.  

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